October 10, 2022 

What's NEW in the Lee & Pearl Etsy shop...?

Last month, Pearl loaded a few hundred costume patterns from her personal collection into the Patterns: Costumes section of our Etsy store — ready for Halloween sewing!

These patterns have been selling briskly, but we still have plenty left for women, men, kids, and even dogs.

What's new in the Lee & Pearl Etsy shop? Pearl has posted lots of patterns for sale from her personal collection, including costume patterns for children, adults, pets — and of course, DOLLS — just in time for Halloween and holiday gift sewing!

Last week, Pearl added these EXTRA SPECIAL patterns that include 18 inch doll versions of each costume!

And today, Pearl posted these three matching girl-and-doll patterns as well, which you'll find in the Patterns: Kids & Babies section of our Etsy shop. Don't they bear a striking resemblance to American Girl® Samantha Parkington's meet dress, play dress and lacy Edwardian nightgown?

Of course, there are even more of Pearl's personal-collection 18 inch doll patterns in the Patterns: Craft Doll Toy section of our shop, with new items posted regularly. Pearl also has dozens of smaller and larger doll patterns, as well as stuffed animal and other toy and craft patterns, which we'll be posting soon for holiday gift sewing.

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