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About Us

Rebecca Menes ("Lee") is a PhD economic historian with a background in business as the proprietor of The Vintage Cookie. Rebecca is also the homeschooling mom of a wonderful eight-year old. She lives on Lee Street in historic Alexandria, Virginia.

Elizabeth Atwater Menes ("Pearl") is a fiction writer and designer with a background in history. Elizabeth has worked on both scripts and costumes for theatrical and Hollywood film and television productions. She lives on Pearl Street in creative West Los Angeles, California.

Rebecca and Elizabeth have worked on costumes, props and scripts since their teensy fingers could hold needles, hammers and pens. They grew up touring the Eastern United States with The Dragon Marionettes puppet company, a jewel-box traveling show created by their awesomely talented parents.

Though very young at the time, Elizabeth and Rebecca can lay claim to the Holy Grail of East coast debuts: a Borscht Belt appearance at Grossinger's Resort, shortly before it closed.

Rebecca and Elizabeth — Lee & Pearl — would love to make sure other children have as much fun with creative, imaginative play as they remember having.

Gorgeous, right? Our parents were seriously talented.

Dragon Marionettes pictures